En-Roads Climate Simulator: a great learning and communication tool!

A short tutorial of this fantastic free tool.

The En-Roads Climate Simulator is a systems dynamics model that you can use to test climate actions and see their impact on global temperature rise in real time. It is great fun to play around with yourself but really comes alive as a tool for running interactive workshops or facilitating conversations around climate change with a group.

Check out my short introduction video here.

Use the model here: https://en-roads.climateinteractive.org/scenario.html?v=22.10.0

Learn more here: https://www.climateinteractive.org/

I am an En-Roads Climate Ambassador so if you would like me to facilitate a workshop at an event or as part of some training, do get in touch!

Paste your En-Roads scenario in the comments below and tell me what you think about this tool.

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